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Category: Management
Type: Full Time Part Time
Location: Amsterdam Utrecht


The sweet spot of being a floor manager is feeling like you’re the socializing host at a very well organized food party. Talking, smiling and spreading happy vibes, while being in full control of the hustle and the bustle of this cozy restaurant. Are you the energetic social animal, and the control freak at the same time? Are you the life of the party? Then let’s get this party started! 


At Vegitalian we wake up, cook, meet and serve with a leading purpose every day: to firepower the plant-based food revolution. We wish to make people and our planet happier and healthier, by simply doing what we love: serving customers a new experience of vegetarian and plant-based food. To do so, we are passionately working on growing Vegitalian from a sustainable restaurant, into an accessible, high-quality life-style-food brand. With a clear vision for our future and our ambition to expand internationally, we are seeking someone that is truly convinced in Vegitalian. 


Wondering how you could become a hero on our mission? This is what we had in mind (you don’t need superpowers): 

Being an optimistic and energetic person doesn’t feel like a tough job for you, since you naturally know how to inspire people and how to bring a fun and energetic vibe! Taking-the-lead is your middle name, and you have no problems with giving instructions. You can have both a kind and a charismatic attitude. 

As a happiness spreading floor manager, you are responsible for daily operations in the restaurant department, from managing the staff and handling/optimizing reservations, to creating the special Vegitalian guest experience; that’s why you have skills on all different parts of this broad function. You see it as your challenge to manage and train a brigade of restaurant staff, to ensure a real sense of passion and community. It’s your personal mission to embody a prime example of how guests should be treated, ánd to inspire and motivate your team to bring the special Vegitalian experience, every single time you’re on service. Just by being you. You have an important role in showing guests why they should choose Vegitalian! 

As the ambassador of our brand, you know how to serve the Vegitalian experience every single day with new energy to our guests. You want our guests to feel connected, and for the duration of their stay, to be part of our restaurant, our community or our culture. When guests leave the restaurant, you smile proudly, because you know you’ve made sure they feel energized and simply great! 


to be successful in this role, we believe that you:

  • are a people person, you know how to deal with the variety of characters, cultures and experiences in your team.
  • know how to be a disciplined worker yourself. Relevant management experience is not a must, we will teach you the management part.
  • have a clear communication towards the guests and know how to handle with different type of guests.
  • are a source of inspiration as you lead and motivate our restaurant staff during service.
  • care about including and connecting people; both guests and your colleagues.
  • love to inspire guests by sharing your passion for Vegitalian’s concept and vision.
  • like to personally interact with guests and make them feel good and appreciated.
  • have a good overview of each “post” and make sure that every employee works according to our Vegitalian standards. 
  • feel comfortable to work closely with the other department supervisors and location manager to ensure smooth and profitable overall operations. 

Also important:

  • You’re legally allowed to work in the Netherlands.


  • A young and dynamic company with serious ambitions.
  • A serious chance to learn and grow in your role, with the potential for future growth of Vegitalian.
  • A job with a purpose and a wonderful workplace to call home, with fun and like-minded colleagues. 
  • Comfortable working hours.
  • Our team is diverse, representing more than one nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, culture and personality type. That’s what makes our team so special.
  • We want you to be you. 
This position is filled.