Are you ready to join our never ending food festa ?

Looking for a challenging career with a purpose?

Are you passionate about food and do you want to make (or promote) mindful choices within the food industry? Do you want to work on personal growth ánd grow your business skills? All within an inclusive work environment with a happy bunch of colourful people from different cultures and backgrounds. We can’t wait to meet you!

The Vegitalian vision

Vegitalian is your friendly neighborhood restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Italian food with a vegetarian twist. In 2020, we started as a modern Italian restaurant; a warm and loving place for mindful eaters who don’t want to compromise on flavor, quality, or experience.

In this bold contemporary kitchen, we created a whole new experience of plant-based and vegetarian food. 

Today we’ve grown into a brand that inspires people by serving vegetarian and plant-based dishes that make this planet a happier and healthier place. A brand that attracts and connects mindful people who make sustainable choices. And above all, a brand that never stops spreading the word of sustainability, with colorful flavors and heavenly recipes. And with pretty big smiles, how could we forget! 


In today’s world of abundance and mass production, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. We believe that moving towards a more vegetarian and plant-based diet is an important step towards creating a happier and healthier planet.


We believe that having a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a hassle. Our goal is to inspire people to choose vegetarian and plant-based foods by making these options attractive and accessible, so that everyone can enjoy the same deliciousness, but in a healthier way!


Feeling a sense of connection is part of our basic psychological needs. In fact, we believe that being a part of a group or community can inspire and motivate. When we share a like-minded vision, there is no limit to what we can achieve together!

(Y)our DNA

The most memorable gatherings are the ones where you combine amazing food with incredible company! There is no festa without the Vegitalian team. That’s why the first seats on our table belong to our team, as they set the mood, bring the good vibes, and live and breathe the Vegitalian spirit!

Their commitment to our mission and vision inspires us every day to do what we do best, serving delicious food with a vegetarian twist! 

Current job openings

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht

Meet some of our crew

Vegitalian gives me the opportunity of experiencing a cooperative and horizontal work environment, that allows me and my colleagues to share our ideas. Also, it’s very enriching working with a young international team. You never know how much can you learn from different cultures!
Vegitalian has given me the opportunity to develop myself in different areas and to gain tons of new experiences. Through this job I also met a lot of new people and I now work together with some of my best friends.
Delivery Manager
Vegitalian gave me the opportunity for the first time in my career to manage a kitchen, which really helped to affirm myself as a Chef. The best thing of working at Vegitalian is being part of a young and ambitious team, where everyone is very driven!
Kitchen Manager